40 Acres For Sale -- Off the Grid Living
Ideal for eco-friendly construction · You can be totally self-sufficient!

The property is off the grid, so you'll need to be self-sufficient in terms of power and water. Most residents generate their power via solar and/or wind, and either catch their own water or have it delivered from the nearby water station. There are no enforced building restrictions (although what you build must be sound if you plan to have it inspected by the county), so this is the perfect place to build your dream eco-house. If you've heard of a building technique, it's probably been done by at least one area resident. Strawbale, rammed earth, monolithic domes, geodesic domes, rastra block, adobe, earth bag, earthship, stone, logs -- all have been used to construct some very interesting and low-impact dwellings in the area. No one but the ancient Anasazi have built on this pristine 40 acres before, so you'll start with a clean slate to build the home or getaway of your dreams.

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