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Artist's Profile
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Christina Norlin creates unique stained glass pieces that emanate strength, beauty, and craftsmanship. Specializing in custom stained glass that captures her vision of Northern Arizona, Raven’s Eye Glassworks creates exquisite and durable pieces for the home and professional environment. Christina brings a level of craftsmanship and creative sensibility to her pieces which convey clean design principles resulting in bold, elegant and intriguing compositions. Influenced by the likes of Frank Lloyd Wright, Georgia Okeeffe, Gustav Klimt, Christina can design a spiritually inspired scenic window or an exquisite architectural door, panel or light screen. Chinese and Japanese kanji medallions will inspire and fill the room with rings of light.

Christina's background as a graphic designer gives her the expertise needed to easily and effectively work with both clients and architects or builders to create custom architectural stained glass works based on design requests. Contact Raven's Eye to learn more about custom orders.